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Ruth Elizabeth - one of Leciestershires finest, Bridal Makeup Artists


13 Years experience

MAC Cosmetics, trained Makeup artist - 3 years

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, trained Makeup Artist - 3 years

Certified with Brushstrokes, Makeup School - London

Fully Insured

Full, makeup kit consisting of top makeup brands such as;


Bobbi Brown


Tom Ford

Covers Leicester/Derby/Nottingham


Bridal bookings for 2015 LIMITED

Bookings for 2016 now being taken.


Contact Ruth for further information.


Ruth Elizabeth - one of Leicestershires finest, Bridal Makeup Artists


13 Years experience

MAC Cosmetics, trained Makeup artist - 3 years

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, trained Makeup Artist - 3 years

Certified with Brushstrokes, Makeup School - London

Fully Insured

Full, Makeup kit consisting of top makeup brands such as;


Bobbi Brown


Tom Ford

Covers Leicester/Derby/Nottingham


Bridal bookings for 2015 LIMITED

Bookings for 2016 now being taken

Please contact Ruth for further information.




Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions form part of the agreement between yourself and Ruth Elizabeth Makeup Artist once a makeup booking has been confirmed/booked.

You will be asked to sign a copy of these at your Bridal trial.


Your Bridal trial

Bridal trials are done at Ruths home and are allocated on designated time slots between Mondays and Thursdays, to allow Ruth to run her Bridal makeup business on her busiest days – Friday/Saturdays/Sundays.


Weekend trials can be arranged, to fit around current bridal bookings, although this cannot always be guaranteed. On occasion, any weekend trial bookings may be subject to change, with every effort being made to offer another suitable time.


Bridal Trials last around 120 mins, and once completed Ruth will take photographs, to ensure your makeup is camera friendly and also for reference on your Wedding day.

A detailed record of makeup products/techniques used will be made by Ruth, to ensure your makeup is executed to perfection and within the allocated time on your Wedding day.


Bridal trials are priced at £65.00 for two hours only.

Trials for any others are priced at £40.00 for an hour.


Only two people are permitted at each trial, at one time. Children under 16 years old are also not permitted.


Trials are booked in no earlier than two months before a requested date. Due to a high volume of enquiries and work load, trials are booked in, in priority of the Wedding date.

This ensures a consistent and reliable service for all clients.



Your Wedding day


Please be advised that ALL Bridal bookings MAY - SEPTEMBER are capped with a minimum booking of three people.

Prior to your wedding day, Ruth will arrange an agreed time to be with you at your chosen venue/location.

Ruth will require ( where possible ) a well lit area with a table to set up her makeup kit.

All Bridal bookings, throughout the year, outside the Leicestershire area ( over 65 miles round trip  ) are also capped with a minimum booking of 2 people or payment of the equivalent.


Where possible, Ruth requests an area/room, designated for makeup applications alone, free from distractions. This ensures makeup applications are executed perfectly/within the designated time and without disruptions.


All makeup notes from your trial will be used. On occasion, Ruth may feel it necessary (to ensure your makeup is to the highest possible standard) – to deviate from your trial notes. This may be due to your skin tone changing ( tan/self tanning ) skin condition etc. Any changes will be made clear to you.


Ruth will organise makeup timings, for each person prior to the day - and send you a copy, via email for your reference. This ensures everyone has a designated time slot for makeup. Ruth always allocates an extra 30 - 40 mins EXTRA to cover potential time lost during the Wedding morning/afternoon - and also time to unpack/pack her makeup kit.


If on the day of your wedding, others wish to book in for makeup - this can only be done if there is any spare time AND after all other booked clients have had their makeup applications completed.


Any extra makeup applications done on the day, must be paid for on the day by cash.


If any clients wish to add false lashes to their makeup applications, these must be paid for on the day, by cash.


Ruth does not offer 'makeup touch ups' free of charge for other guests not booked in for a makeup service.


Ruth does not offer, only eye makeup applications. Makeup applications are for a full face only.


If for any reason ( by no fault of Ruth ) should time run out for any persons booked in for makeup applications - no refunds will be given. Timings are set out prior to the day and sent to you to ensure each person has adequate time given for makeup - with time to spare.


If any Makeup applications were not completed due to Ruth being late - refunds for the incompleted makeup applications would be refunded to you, including their deposit payment.


If any other guest/bridesmaid who was booked for a makeup application decide to cancel their makeup, before or on the day - no refunds will be given.


Change of venue/Location

Please note: Pricing and quotes provided are for Ruth travelling to and working in /at ONE venue location.

Please be aware that Ruth does not travel/work between two locations on the Wedding day and all makeups booked must be completed at one address.


If you wish Ruth to travel with you to the venue to provide Makeup touch ups only, please discuss this with Ruth at your trial.

Please note this is at Ruths discretion and a seperate quote will be provided.


Ruth will not be held responsible for any delays or issues that may arise from last minute changes to your booking.




No travel costs are charged for the first 20 miles. Travel is then charged at 45p a mile thereafter to and from your requested address.

Any further travel expenses will be invoiced to you, should the venue/location you require Ruth on the day, change. These must be paid within a seven day period by bank transfer.

Any parking charges will also be invoiced to you should Ruth need to pay to park for the time she is with you. ( Excludes parking penalties )


Payment for services.

All payments are done via BACS. Cheque is not an accepted form of payment.

To pre-book a bridal trial and keep your wedding date on hold a £65.00 booking fee is initially required. This £65.00 booking fee will ensure no other enquiry can book your Wedding/trial date but also covers the cost of your trial.


Once a successful trial has been completed, a full quote will be emailed to you. This must be paid, within 3 days.

Please note that if no payment is received within this time frame your wedding date will be classed as void and released.

Please also note that once paid this is also non-refundable, non-transferable.



Once the £65.00 booking fee payment is placed this is non-refundable/non-transferable.

Once a successful trial has taken place and your deposit has been paid, this is non-refundable/non-transferable.


If for any reason you need to cancel your bridal makeup/bridal party makeup - please let Ruth know as soon as possible so the Wedding date can then be offered to others.

If after you have paid your full amount/quote - for any reason your Wedding is cancelled, you must inform Ruth as soon as possible. Ruth will only offer a refund ( minus deposits and trial price ) if a written letter from the venue/church is provided AND she has been able to fill the cancelled Wedding date with another Bridal booking. Cancellations for any other reasons - will lose full amount paid.

In all other circumstances, the full amount paid will be lost.


In all circumstances once a trial has been completed and paid for, trial payments are non - refundable in all cases.


Refunds are not offered on any makeups completed or missed bookings where a deposit/booking fee has been paid. Inclusive of Gift vouchers.


If any member of the bridal party decides to cancel their booked makeup before the wedding date, they will not receive a refund of any payment made towards their booking, Please note that their deposit/final payment CANNOT be transferred to another booking. The full amount will be lost.

If any member of the bridal party decides to cancel their makeup on the wedding date, the full amount paid towards their makeup, will also be lost.


Cancellations by Ruth Elizabeth MUA

Although this has never occurred, If Ruth Elizabeth was not able to make your Wedding date due to,


Personal Emergency


Or other reasons not stated – she would endeavor to find a replacement artist. Although this cannot be guaranteed. If this was the case a full refund minus trial cost, would be refunded to you.


On the Wedding Day

In the event of an accident or severe illness, adverse or severe weather conditions affecting me getting to you on the actual wedding day, I will do my best to try and find you a replacement artist.

I cannot be held responsible for any mechanical breakdowns, or for any delays caused by events beyond my control. In the event that I cannot find anyone else to cover, then the full extent of our liabilities would be to give you a full refund. ( Minus trial cost )



At a trial Ruth will take photographs of your finalised makeup. These photographs are the property of Ruth and will not be sent to you. Makeup of your Wedding Day makeup may be shared on Social Media.



If you wish to book Ruth Elizabeth Makeup artist for your wedding day the following payment(s) is/are required.

Once a trial has been booked and completed Ruth will contact you within 24/48 hours to discuss your bridal trial, and also give a 3 day time frame for you to decide if you wish to continue with your booking. If you decide to continue with your booking, Ruth will provide a finalised quote for your Wedding day. This will include travel expenses and makeup costs. The  amount is to then be paid within 3 days, via bank transfer. Once this payment is received no refunds are given if the booking is cancelled.

If no communication is received back from you after this 3 day waiting period, it will be assumed you no longer wish to proceed with your booking, and the date will then be released.

Cheques are not accepted as a form of payment for any makeup services.


Please note that all bookings that require a 5.30am or earlier start time will incur a £20.00, one off extra charge.


Ruth reserves the right to ammend charges if location/venue/no of people booking are changed.



These Terms and Conditions are the property of Ruth Elizabeth Makeup Artist and are not to be used/copied/replicated by any other company.





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